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Harbour Tours


Harbour Tours

Our Harbour Tours, run for approximately 1 1/4 hour.

Explore Poole Harbour's main five islands, including infamous Brownsea Island and discover Poole Harbour's diverse wildlife.

Wildlife includes Ospreys, which were reintroduced to the area 5 years ago, deer (who sometimes enjoy a swim!) and seals.


Scenic Tours

Our Special Scenic Tours are longer than the harbour tour and run for approximately 1 3/4 hours. We take you away from the urban side of the harbour to explore its secret places which cannot be reached by road. As we slowly make our way through the southern waters of the Harbour, its Private Islands and Arne Bay we see a different, calmer side to the harbour, we go past nature reserves, creeks, wildlife and there are spectacular views. In  the distance on a fine day you can see Corfe Castle – and if you are really lucky, you may even get to see a Seal!


Wareham River Trip

A great trip when it’s a bit windy as it’s generally more sheltered in the river. The scenery and atmosphere changes from coastal to riverbank as we make our way up Wareham Channel following the route taken by merchant ships in years gone by, making their way up to the historic town of Wareham. If taking the shorter trip, we travel about half way Just past Giggers Island where the Rivers Frome and Piddle meet and where usually a wide variety of birds gather, especially at low water. Or we follow the river Frome gently meandering towards the old Saxon town of Wareham. We stop at the quay for just over an hour so you can explore this attractive town steeped in history or sample some of the fine pubs, restaurants and cafes before returning.

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